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After leaving her desk job and moving back to her hometown of Richmond, VA, Tyler Meacham spent 2018 writing & producing a scrappy new demo every month to share with her following online. Her vocally-charged, left-of-center pop music tells her story of falling down, getting back up, and finding her voice. The 25-year-old singer-songwriter turned indie pop front-woman releases her debut EP "Property" on November 22, 2019.


Produced by collaborator & bass player Chip Hale, Meacham's original acoustic demos have taken on new life in the form of a standout record that fuses synth rock with indie pop and a dash of Americana ear candy simmering under the surface.


"This songwriter from Richmond, VA has an endearing quality about her, which comes out in her vocals. The sound is an interesting intersection of synthpop and Americana." -TUNED UP

"Whether on stage or on the record, Meacham’s performances pack a powerful punch. She has a melodic, soulful voice and a natural stage presence – raw talent that’s hard to come by. And she’s much more than just a vocalist. On one song, she’ll be strumming a guitar riff and on the next she’s tickling the ivories, all while singing the lyrics that she wrote." -Noelle Abrahams, RVA Mag

"Following a busy year of writing and sharing songs from her bedroom with her fans on social media – this is the first track with a full whack of production. On the surface it’s relatively standard, break-up pop fare, but Meacham’s vocals really sell the song and there’s plenty of Americana ear candy simmering under the surface."  -XUNE MAG

"'Moving On' has crossover potential written all over it, and with a new EP coming in the fall (if this little gem is any indication), Meacham be moving on to bigger and brighter stages shortly."

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