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When you leave something, whether you’re relocating, ending a relationship, or changing careers, you inevitably leave a piece of yourself behind as well. That’s the bittersweet reality Tyler Meacham faced about a year out of college, when she decided to move back to her native Richmond, VA after the professional path she’d started down—and the Florida-based “dream job” with Disney she’d begun within a week of graduation—proved unsatisfying, in large part because it pulled her away from making music.

If you’ve heard Meacham’s 2019 album Property, this theme of forging a more fulfilling future will sound familiar. The EP’s six songs capture this pivot point vividly, with inspiring lyrics that signal self-determination, and genre-fusing indie-pop arrangements that nod to the music Meacham grew up absorbing and emulating–everything from the Beatles and Tom Petty to OneRepublic and Sara Bareilles. Produced by collaborator & bass player Chip Hale, Meacham’s original acoustic demos have taken on new life in the form of a standout record that fuses synth rock with a dash of Americana ear candy simmering under the surface. Meacham & Hale are joined by guitarists Nate Hubbard & Joel Worford, Colleen Christman on keys, and drummer Brandon O’Neill.


The EP carried Meacham & her band on a national tour, where they built a loyal following by simply piling into a van and befriending the right local artists with the goal of putting together an inclusive, moving lineup every night. Meacham has played to a handful of strangers in a living room and to a sold out 3,000 seat theater all on the same run. Such is the nature of chasing down what you are truly passionate about.


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Meacham’s plans for continued momentum have taken her back to basics—writing demos with her acoustic guitar, exploring genre, and recording it all from her home studio. Her new single “Nightwalking” is a vibrant synth-rock jam about losing control, a timely subject matter for the ambiguity of 2020. It is soaked in analog sounds & dark, vintage vibes with a supercharged lead vocal. The track signifies Meacham’s evolving sound as a songwriter and pop artist and hints at what might be expected from her first full-length record in 2021.


"Whether dance floors are open or closed, pop music retains its power to move us, distilling complex emotional experiences into art that resonates the moment it hits our ears. That immediacy is a hallmark of songs by indie-pop singer and songwriter Tyler Meacham." -Style Weekly

"['Unknowing'] hit me deeply, personally, and… I mean this as a compliment but it’s hard for me to listen to. I will certainly continue to listen to it as a point of catharsis, but this isn’t a sing and celebrate song. It’s a sing, lament, and feel song. It’s really important." -EarToTheGround

"Hailing from Richmond, VA, Meacham creates folk-infused music that transports you to another time that’s drenched in sepia."

-A&R Factory

"Meacham’s lyrics are affecting, and her delivery is timeless. I can imagine these songs sounding excellent in a zillion different styles, which is what you might say about standards that eventually enter the pop canon. The title/closing track is especially powerful. While I’m on record as praising dynamite first lines of songs, “Property” has a stunner of a closing lyric: “You don’t have to burn the house down to move all your property out.” Her words echo and dissipate, leaving you space to apply them uniquely to your own life. That’s pop music’s highest calling." -You Hear That?!

"'Moving On' has crossover potential written all over it, and with a new EP coming in the fall (if this little gem is any indication), Meacham be moving on to bigger and brighter stages shortly."

-For The Love Of Bands

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Touring History


Maryland Sofar Sounds (Baltimore) Virginia Altria Theater, Richmond Forum (Richmond) Beale's (Bedford) Brick Anchor Brew House (Norfolk) The Camel (Richmond) Canal Club (Richmond) Cary St. Cafe (Richmond) The Dark Room (Richmond) Gallery5 (Richmond) Garden Grove Brewing (Richmond) Hardywood Park (Richmond) Hardywood West Creek (Glen Allen) Lickinghole Creek Brewery (Richmond) Richmond Music Hall (Richmond) The Savory Grain (Richmond) Sofar Sounds (Richmond & Norfolk) The Tin Pan (Richmond) Trapezium Brewing (Petersburg) The Williamsburg Lodge (Williamsburg) Washington, DC Sofar Sounds DC The Velvet Lounge


North Carolina 2nd Wind (Carrboro) The Cave (Chapel Hill) Joymongers Brewing Co. (Greensboro) The Night Rider (Raleigh) Preyer Brewing (Greensboro) Sofar Sounds (Durham) South Carolina Dockery's (Charleston) Georgia The Foundry (Athens) Smith's Olde Bar (Atlanta) Tennessee WDVX Blue Plate Special (Knoxville) Forma (Knoxville)


Massachusetts Aeronaut Allston (Boston) New York Rockwood Music Hall (NYC) Philadelphia Sofar Sounds Rhode Island Level Exchange (Providence) Vermont The Radio Bean (Burlington)

Radio/Broadcast Appearances

WRIR 97.3 - Richmond, VA WTVR CBS 6 - Richmond, VA WDVX 89.9 - Knoxville, TN

Notable Support Slots

Dave Isay (StoryCorps), Catherine Burns (The Moth), and Brandon Stanton (Humans of New York) at the Richmond Forum (Altria Theater, Richmond, VA) Abigail Dowd (Joymongers, Greensboro, NC) Broke Royals (The Camel, Richmond, VA) The High Divers (Gallery5, Richmond, VA) Mike Mains & the Branches (Canal Club, Richmond, VA)

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