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Regardless of what you have to leave in your past, you inevitably leave a piece of yourself behind as well. This bittersweet reality was the one that Virginia-based Indie pop artist Tyler Meacham was faced with, a reality that has now catapulted her to the musical heights she sits at now.


Laid on strong foundations of narrative-forward songwriting, Tyler's musical tastes and inspirations gravitate towards self-made songwriter-producers such as Sara Bareilles, Bleachers (Jack Antonoff), and OneRepublic (Ryan Tedder). With her productions eclectic to the core, Tyler's versatile approach has led to her tracks spanning from fully produced pop to more stripped-back sonic affairs. Lyrically, everything Tyler writes pivots around emotional experiences from her past, honing in on love, loss, and her personal struggle with anxiety and self-worth. 


After graduating from college with a degree in film, Tyler landed her dream job at Disney in Florida. However, as the role pulled her further and further away from making the music that she loved, Tyler packed her bags and drove 12 hours home to Richmond, deciding to change careers and pursue music full-time.


By immersing herself in the open mic scene in her hometown of Richmond, Tyler Meacham met her current bandmates, going on to create her debut EP, 'Property', in 2019. The lyrically inspiring, genre-fusing EP carried Meacham & her band on a national tour, building a loyal following in the process. The tour led to Tyler playing to a handful of strangers in a living room and a sold-out 3,000 seat theater all on the same run. Such is the nature of chasing down what you are truly passionate about.


2021 promises to carry Tyler Meacham on her meteoric rise with her single, 'No Running Away', which is out on June 11, 2021, a formidable teaser to her highly anticipated debut album, 'Into the Fray'.


"Whether dance floors are open or closed, pop music retains its power to move us, distilling complex emotional experiences into art that resonates the moment it hits our ears. That immediacy is a hallmark of songs by indie-pop singer and songwriter Tyler Meacham." -Style Weekly

"['Unknowing'] hit me deeply, personally, and… I mean this as a compliment but it’s hard for me to listen to. I will certainly continue to listen to it as a point of catharsis, but this isn’t a sing and celebrate song. It’s a sing, lament, and feel song. It’s really important." -EarToTheGround

"Hailing from Richmond, VA, Meacham creates folk-infused music that transports you to another time that’s drenched in sepia."

-A&R Factory

"Meacham’s lyrics are affecting, and her delivery is timeless. I can imagine these songs sounding excellent in a zillion different styles, which is what you might say about standards that eventually enter the pop canon. The title/closing track is especially powerful. While I’m on record as praising dynamite first lines of songs, “Property” has a stunner of a closing lyric: “You don’t have to burn the house down to move all your property out.” Her words echo and dissipate, leaving you space to apply them uniquely to your own life. That’s pop music’s highest calling." -You Hear That?!

"'Moving On' has crossover potential written all over it, and with a new EP coming in the fall (if this little gem is any indication), Meacham be moving on to bigger and brighter stages shortly."

-For The Love Of Bands

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